Soda & Snack Vending Route For Sale – Greater Tampa Bay, Florida

Soda & Snack vending machines route for sale in the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida and surrounding areas for $140,000. Seller financing available with $70,000 down. Currently grossing an estimated $200,616 and nets $66,352 per year! Route includes 27 machines (4 of the machines included in the sale are currently not placed and in storage) in 9 locations. Machines have an estimated value of $80,500. Locations of the machines include hotels, gyms, schools, and other miscellaneous businesses. All machines are in great condition and have credit card readers. The vending business offers unlimited growth potential and flexible hours! The seller is willing to stay on to provide the new owner with training for 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions:


$ $140,000

Per Month

Cash Flow:

$ $66,352

Per Month


$ Yes

Per Month


$ Sold

Per Month

What are the current average sales and gross income for this route?

Currently this route grosses $200,616 in yearly sales, and nets $66,352 per year. Income documentation will be provided to all serious buyers.

How do I get paid?

As an independent operator you are make money by purchasing product at wholesale cost and selling it to your customer base via the vending machines.

How much can I make?

Vending businesses have unlimited growth potential and can be operated anywhere. The yearly sales can be increased by new accounts being established. New accounts can be established in person or by hiring a vending locating company.

Can I finance the route?

Seller may finance up to $70,000. Terms to be discussed. You can review additional Financing Options Here.

What are my expenses and overhead?

Expenses include, but are not limited to: product cost, fuel, machine repairs, insurance, warehouse/storage, account commissions, credit card fees, and sales tax. The above cash flow represents the profit after an estimated $134,264 in operating cost and expenses are subtracted.

What type of insurance do I need?

Typically, a single owner operator of a route distributorship will need commercial insurance for their delivery vehicle and business liability insurance. Owners with multiple employees will need a multiple vehicle policy and workers’ compensation. Routes For Sale now offers discounts on insurance! Through our size and volume, we have partnered with some of the largest insurance brokers in the nation to offer the best rates. Request Your Free Insurance Quote Here.

What type of vehicle do I need?

There is no vehicle included in the purchase. Common delivery vehicles used for this type of business are personal vehicles (trucks/sedans), box trucks or trailers. When considering a truck purchase, Routes For Sale recommends MAG Trucks.

How does the selling price of the route get determined?

To determine a business’s price, a standard formula is to multiply 2 years of the net plus consideration of business assets, this business is priced aggressively to sell!

Do I have to pay for inventory or purchase product up front?

Yes, the business requires you to purchase product at wholesale through your supplier.

Who is responsible for damaged or out of date product?

You are responsible for the product you purchase.

Soda & Snack Vending Machines Route

Why is the owner selling?

Owner is pursuing other business opportunities.

What types of machines does he own?

The machines brands include AMS, Dixie Narco, Crane National, Seaga, Royal, USI, and Vendo. Estimated value is $80,500.

Where is the warehouse located?

Current owner operates out of a warehouse/storage space. Expenses for this have been taken out of the cash flow. You can sublease the space from the current seller or look into other options.

How many accounts does the route have?

Currently there are 9 accounts and 27 machines (4 of the machines included in the sale are currently not placed and in storage) with the accounts located in Tampa Bay, Brandon, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Does the owner have contracts in place with customers?

No, there are no contracts with the locations.

How long has the seller owned the business?

The current owner has owned this business for 2 years.

How many days a week, and what hours does the owner work?

Owner works between 5-6 days per week (30 hours) to service the accounts. Hours and days are flexible and can be customized to each individual’s needs as some of the accounts are 24/7.

What about vacation time or personal days?

As a business owner you are responsible for servicing the route. It is our recommendation that you hire or train someone for additional time needed off. Additionally, you can network and hire relief drivers with previous route experience at  Route Relief Drivers is a nationwide network that allows independent route distributors and vacation relief drivers to connect with each other. Each party negotiates its own terms and compensation.

What do you recommend when purchasing a business?

When purchasing this type of business, we recommend forming some type of entity such as an LLC or Corporation to do business under. This not only offers protection for your personal assets, but also ensures protection of your business. If you need help forming this, we recommend that you Form A Corporation Here.

What else should I know?

Be Your Own Boss with flexible hours! Unlimited growth opportunity! The vending machine business is a 100% cash-only business that offers a residual income! The long-cherished notion of getting a job that would provide both long term security and benefits is close to disappearing in the American workplace. It is no surprise that more people today want to do “their own thing”. Hurry this won’t last long! Great supplemental and passive income for only $140,000! Contact Us About This Route Here!

Disclaimer: Routes For Sale is a Broker that brings buyers and sellers together. Routes For Sale does not represent, or is not affiliated with the company the distributorship is being offered. All agreements are made between the buyer and seller and not Routes For Sale. It is the prospective Buyer’s duty and obligation to verify the accuracy of the Seller’s representations and if necessary retain attorneys, accountants, business appraisers, or other professionals. The representation of income is based on a current 52 week sales average generated by the efforts of the current owner. As with any business you can make more or less.

Soda & Snack Vending
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