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Routes For Sale® is an exclusive source for Buying or Selling a route. We are a discount broker that targets a niche market and… Route Sales only! We specialize in retail routes such as Arnold Bread, Snyder’s, Wise Chips, FedEx, Boars Head, Martin’s Bread, Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Pepperidge Farm Bread, Snapple, Mission’s, Herr’s, Utz, Tropicana, and many more!


Have you considered owning a route distributorship or business in route sales? You can take control of your future now! Invest in one of our highly profitable, recession proof, routes for sale today, and let us help you jump start your new career. Tired of the corporate jungle? Are you ready to build a lasting and prosperous business that has the potential to build equity? Be the first to receive updates on New Listings before we advertise them Enroll Here!


We have brought together thousands of buyers and sellers with our targeted marketing. The flexibility of our marketing program has caused “other” brokers in the industry to take notice… Don’t list your route for sale with a standard broker who charges 10 – 14%, has no experience in route ownership, and holds you “hostage” with their contracts and cancellation fees. Nobody knows your business like you do, and most route companies take care of the majority of the paperwork for you. Our job is to bring the buyers to you after qualifying them. We are experts in the industry and will assist you with the process… All for a fraction for what other brokers charge, and only when your route sells! Contact us for a Free Consultation Here!


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About Us

Routes For Sale® was founded by Ron Slusser who has been deemed by his customers as the “Route Guru”! Ron started his career as an independent distributor in route sales, and later acquired his Real Estate License which further led to him becoming a Commercial Broker. Ron previously sold residential real estate and owned route distributorships through Murray Cookies, and Snyder’s Of Hanover. This is important, because not only do you have an expert when it comes to answering questions about the buying and selling process, but you also have access to someone with hands on experience who has worked in the route sales industry for over 20 years.