FedEx Ground Routes For Sale – Central Arkansas

FedEx Ground Routes for sale in the Central Arkansas region for $1,800,000! Some seller financing available plus pre-approved for some SBA financing. Estimated down payment is $850,000! Currently routes are grossing $2,497,123 and net $577,355 as an owner of the business. Includes 18 Ground routes and 22 vehicles. There are 24 employees willing to transfer with the business including 2 managers. Territory is purchased through independent distributor and contracted through FedEx. Growing business backed by a publicly traded company on the NYSE!

Frequently Asked Questions:


$ $1,800,000

Per Month

Cash Flow:

$ $577,355

Per Month


$ Yes

Per Month


$ Iinactive

Per Month

FedEx Routes

What is the current yearly gross for this route?

Currently the routes gross $2,497,123 per year. Income documentation will be provided to all serious buyers.

How do I get paid?

As an independent contractor you are paid per stop, per package, and through bonuses.

Can I finance the route?

Yes, this business has been pre-approved for financing of up to $660,000 (amount needed down is variable depending on buyer’s liquidity and credit score). Buyer must also meet the minimum SBA requirements for lending to include: a minimum credit score of 680 and relevant experience in the industry, or some type of previous management experience from another industry. Seller will also finance up to $290,000. View SBA loans or more Financing Options Here

What are my expenses and overhead?

Expenses include, but are not limited to: fuel, repairs and maintenance, payroll, scanners, supplies, uniforms, DOT physicals, accounting and office expenses, and insurance. The current owner estimates $1,919,767 per year in expenses/overhead for the business (Note: Expenses represent a cash purchase and do not account for finance payments if requiring a loan to purchase).

What type of insurance do I need?

Typically, a single owner operator of a route distributorship will need commercial insurance for their delivery vehicle and business liability insurance. Owners with multiple employees will need a multiple vehicle policy and worker’s compensation. Routes For Sale now offers discounts on insurance! Through our size and volume, we have partnered with some of the largest insurance brokers in the nation to offer the best rates. Request Your Free Insurance Quote Here

What type of vehicle do I need?

The current owner operates this business using the following vehicles that are included with the sale of the business:

2016 Ford E350,
2017 Nissan NV2500
2016 Nissan NV2500
2017 Chevy 3500
2018 Ford E350
2019 Chevy Express 3500
2015 Nissan NV2500
2017 Ford Transit
2020 Ford Transit
2018 GMC Savana
2020 GMC Savana
2017 Chevy Express 3500
2020 Chevy Express
2020 FORD P1000
2020 Chevy Express
2021 Chevy 3500 16′ BOX
2021 Chevy 12′ BOX
2021 Chevy 14′ BOX
2022 Freightliner MT45 P700
2022 Freightliner MT45 P700
2022 Ford E450

Estimated total value is $815,000. If you are considering purchasing, leasing or financing a vehicle you can review additional information here.

What is the Gross vs the Net income?

The gross income for the route is $2,497,123 per year, minus $1,919,767 estimated yearly expenses as mentioned above gives you the net $577,355.

How does the selling price of the route get determined?

FedEx owners determine the selling price of their route by using a multiple of their yearly cash flow/net income. Routes that are turnkey with a full-time manager in place sell for a higher multiple.

What are the company requirements?

FedEx requires a third-party background check; you must have no felonies and a decent driving record. Additionally, 1 year of driving experience of a similar delivery vehicle you intend to drive within the last 3 years, or 5 years within the last 10 years if operating as an owner/driver of the business. If you do not meet these requirements, owners can now bypass the required experience by taking an approved FedEx course to qualify as drivers. Owners do not need to meet this requirement if they don’t intend to drive.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, as an independent distributor you sign a service agreement to represent FedEx. The contract is to protect both the company and its distributors.

FedEx Routes

Is this a viable business model for growth?

Yes! Route values can be increased by new account openings, and additional growth in the area. FedEx uses sales reps to expand and develop the routes. In fact, CNBC recently did a documentary called “Inside The Package Wars” showing the growth over the years of FedEx and its competitor UPS. View The Video Here.

Why is the contractor selling?

Owner is pursuing other business opportunities.

Where is the Terminal/pickup location?

Terminal will be disclosed upon execution of an NDA.

How long has the seller owned the business?

The seller has owned the business for 1 year.

How many days a week, and what hours do distributors work?

Delivery is 6 days per week. Route owner’s hours will be based on what is required to oversee the operation.

What about vacation time or personal days for drivers?

As an independent distributor/business owner you are responsible for servicing the route. It is our recommendation that you hire or train someone for additional time needed off. Additionally, you can network and hire distributors with previous route experience at  Route Relief Drivers is a nationwide network that allows independent route distributors and vacation relief drivers to connect with each other. Each party negotiates its own terms and compensation.

What is required in order to qualify for purchase?

Typically, most company routes or distributorships will require you to attend an interview for approval from the company, background check, and form an entity (must be an INC.). This not only protects the company, but also ensures protection of your business. If you need help forming this, we recommend that you Form A Corporation Here.

What else should I know?

FedEx Ground have enjoyed a successful working relationship with independent contractors for nearly 25 years. Includes 18 Ground routes and 22 vehicles. Priced at $1,800,000! Contact Us About This Route Here!

How can I learn more about these types of routes?

In order to provide New Buyers with as much information as possible we have put together a quick overview of the industry. Learn More About FedEx Routes Here!

Disclaimer: Routes For Sale is a Broker that brings buyers and sellers together. Routes For Sale does not represent, or is not affiliated with the company the distributorship is being offered. All agreements are made between the buyer and seller and not Routes For Sale. It is the prospective Buyer’s duty and obligation to verify the accuracy of the Seller’s representations and if necessary retain attorneys, accountants, business appraisers, or other professionals. The representation of income is based on a current 52 week sales average generated by the efforts of the current owner. As with any business you can make more or less.

FedEx Ground
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