Bulk Candy Vending Machine Route For Sale – Miami, Florida

Bulk Candy Vending Machine Route sale for $19,900! Asset sale, with U-Turn machines that are currently generating an income with 27 machines and accounts including restaurants, auto shops, and small businesses. Territory for this route is unlimited, but currently operated in the Miami, Florida region. The vending business offers unlimited growth potential! Machines can be relocated to new accounts to increase profits!

Frequently Asked Questions:


$ $19,900

Per Month

Cash Flow:

$ $1,443

Per Month


$ No

Per Month


$ Inactive

Per Month

Vending Machine Route

What are the current average sales and gross income for this route?

Currently this route averages $4,033 a year in gross sales.

How do I get paid?

By purchasing product at wholesale and reselling it at retail.

How much can I make?

$4,033 per year is the current gross profits. This number can be increased, by purchasing more machines, soliciting new accounts, and simple inflation.

Can I finance the route?

There is no seller financing for this route, and unfortunately banks will NOT write business loans against route based businesses for several reasons. However if you need money, you can review additionalFinancing Options Here

What are my expenses and overhead?

Expenses include, but are not limited to: fuel, repair for your vehicle, cost of goods, and insurance. Owner estimates $2,590 per year in expenses/overhead (Note: Expenses represent a cash purchase and do not account for finance payments if requiring a loan to purchase).

Who is responsible for damaged or out of date product?

You are responsible for the product you purchase.

What type of vehicle do I need?

There is no vehicle included in the purchase. Owner uses personal vehicle to service this route and any personal vehicle and be used. If you are considering purchasing, leasing or financing a vehicle you can review additional information here.

What is the Gross vs the Net income?

The gross income for the route is $4,033 per year, minus your above mentioned expenses of $2,590 gives you $1,443 in net income or cash flow.

Do I have to pay for inventory or purchase product up front?

Yes, you are 100% independent and will have to purchase your inventory upfront. Business includes approximately $800 in inventory.

Who is responsible for damaged or out of date product?

If you buy and sell as needed there is no damaged product. Expiration codes are 6-8 months.

Vending Machine Route

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you can distribute unlimited products to unlimited accounts. There are NO territory boundaries!

Why is the distributor selling?

Owner has other business opportunities and is unable to keep up with the servicing the route.

How many accounts does the route have?

Currently there are 27 accounts including restaurants, auto shops, and small businesses, with a total of 27 placed U-Turn machines.

How long has the seller owned the business?

The current owner has owned this route and territory for 1 year.

How many days a week, and what hours do distributors work?

Owner does not have a set delivery schedule. Deliveries can be completed during normal business hours.

What about vacation time or personal days?

As a business owner you are responsible for servicing the route. It is our recommendation that you hire or train someone for additional time needed off. Additionally, you can network and hire relief drivers with previous route experience at RouteReliefDrivers.com.  Route Relief Drivers is a nationwide network that allows independent route distributors and vacation relief drivers to connect with each other. Each party negotiates its own terms and compensation.

What do you recommend when purchasing a business?

When purchasing this type of business we recommend forming some type of entity such as an LLC or Corporation to do business under. This not only offer protection for your personal assets, but also ensures protection of your business. If you need help forming this, we recommend that you Form A Corporation Here.

What else should I know?

Become 100% independent! Seller has established an incredible business model and will train and share wholesale purchase information. Part-Time distribution business with unlimited growth potential! Route consists of 27 accounts that are on a drop and go delivery system (no stocking shelves). Purchase includes 27 U-Turn machines, and $800 of inventory! Combine this route with an existing distributorship business. Priced to sell at $19,900! Contact Us About This Route Here!

How can I learn more about these type of routes?

For additional Consulting Services with one of our route specialists Request A Consultation Here.

Disclaimer: Routes For Sale is a Broker that brings buyers and sellers together. Routes For Sale does not represent, or is not affiliated with the company the distributorship is being offered. All agreements are made between the buyer and seller and not Routes For Sale. It is the prospective Buyer’s duty and obligation to verify the accuracy of the Seller’s representations and if necessary retain attorneys, accountants, business appraisers, or other professionals. The representation of income is based on a current 52 week sales average generated by the efforts of the current owner. As with any business you can make more or less.

Bulk Candy Vending
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